Today, high standard professionalism and several valuable certifications, are required to manage these complex, disparate functions, in a seamless and integrated supply chain framework with a clear understanding of adopting technology and the need to track not only the movement of the physical goods or services, but the related flows of finance and information.

Companies attaining the QCargo programme will be able to demonstrate that they hold the required licenses and certifications, along with the capability to master the technology and leadership skills required across the broad range of standards that today constitute air cargo logistics.

Qcargo is a simple, online process granting your company basic status verification in a few days.
Legal and financial overview
Qualification's verification
Certification's validation
Transport liability & Insurance
Sales & operational standards
Technological capabilities
Network coverage
Handling & warehousing capabilities
Code of conduct and business practice
Compliance & security standards

Get QCargo Verified

To qualify as an applicant, your company must have relevant working experience, qualifications, various certifications, and an active professional involvement in air cargo logistics and supply chain management.

QCargo guides your company through the most important training and validation programs of the air cargo logistics industry and accelerates your digital transformation journey in partnership with leading TMS |QMS platforms and digital solutions providers. Our team of professionals provides corporate advisory solutions to applicants, and we prepare your company to meet international air cargo logistics standards.